Probe my son’s widow – Late Mohbad’s father implores the Police

wumi mohbad

Mohbad’s father, Joseph Aloba, has asked the Nigeria Police to summon Omowunmi, his late son’s wife, to offer information about the musician’s death.

This is in light of her recent allegation that she wanted to reveal some details about her late husband’s death and was willing to have a DNA test performed on their kid, Liam Aloba.

However, in a recent statement, Joseph Aloba stated that Omowunmi’s evidence could help throw light on the circumstances behind Mohbad’s death.

The late rapper’s father recognized the sensitive nature of the situation and begged the authorities to provide security to ensure her safety if she came out to present her side of the tale.

The statement read

“It has come to our attention that Omomunmi Adebanjo, the wife of the late Mohbad, has expressed her knowledge of critical information related to his death. We urge the relevant authorities to extend an invitation to Omowunmi Adebanjo to provide her testimony and insights into this tragic event.

We believe that her cooperation and testimony could be instrumental in shedding light on the circumstances leading to Mohbad’s demise. We implore you (the police) to prioritise this investigation and take swift action to uncover the truth behind Mohbad’s death. The Aloba family and the public deserve closure, and justice must prevail.”

Mr Aloba also said he had filed a suit seeking a Deoxyribonucleic Acid (DNA) test for his grandson, Liam, at the Magistrates’ Court sitting in Ikorodu, Lagos State.