Prophet cautions Paul Okoye about his girlfriend, Ivy Ifeoma

ivy paul prophet

Prophet gives a terrible cautionary message to renowned musician Paul Okoye regarding his lover, Ivy Ifeoma, as he makes frightening prophecies about their relationship.

The Ghanaian prophet who allegedly foretold Junior Pope’s death delivered the unsettling prediction in a video that circulated on social media.

According to the guy, Ivy Ifeoma’s maternal ancestry is from the waterside, and they may come take her anytime, resulting in her short life.

He added that if Paul Okoye wishes to marry her but does not pay a specified dowry, he expects troubles for the singer.

“Paul Okoye he is dating one fine girl, if he will marry her, he should go and pay her dowry. Because the lineage of his girlfriend was from the riverside. That girl doesn’t have a long life, anytime her family from the seaside can carry her. The mother is aware of what I am talking about. This girl, the spirit behind her will bring plenty of problems to Paul and change his life to the West.

Your girlfriend is a human being but those behind are her powerful so he should try and pay her dowry,” he said.