PS5 Pro will have faster CPU clock speed, big GPU performance boost

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The PS5 Pro is due to deliver some very noticeable upgrades in performance due to a big GPU performance boost, and some upgraded CPU clock speeds. Leaks continue to roll out about Sony’s upgraded version of the PS5 console and the latest revolves around an uptick in the performance of the CPU and GPU. The Verge’s Tom Warren has allegedly viewed PS5 Pro dev documents, and in those documents, it’s said that the CPU will have two different available clock speeds with which developers can target for their games.

While games are in development, developers will be able to choose between a “high-frequency mode” and a standard mode. The high-frequency mode will target 3.85GHz for the clock speeds. Meanwhile, the standard mode will target 3.5GHz just as the current PS5 model does. Additionally, developers will get access to 1.2GB more system memory. Thanks to Sony enabling a little more memory for use by developers. With the current model PS5, developers have access to 12.5GB, and that’s being bumped up to 13.7GB in the PS5 Pro model.

As noted by Warren, this isn’t new information. These specs in particular have been discussed before. That being said, Warren is saying he can verify the information is accurate after looking at the dev documents. So what this is doing is adding more unofficial confirmation about the PS5 Pro’s increased performance.

PS5 Pro GPU upgrades to deliver a 45% boost in performance

Another part of the verified information suggests a noticeable upgrade in performance to the GPU. According to the dev documents, the GPU in the PS5 Pro will be able to render graphics about 45% faster than the GPU in the standard model. This should allow for improved ray tracing. In the end, it’ll make a big difference for players. As hugely ambitious games will have the ability to maintain more consistent high frame rates and better resolution for graphics.

Just like the CPU upgrade, this information isn’t new. The first reports of these upgrades popped up back in the middle of March. Still, it improves the credibility that these details are indeed accurate. Obviously, none of this is confirmed by Sony yet. However, multiple sources reporting on these specs at different times make the specs more and more likely.

Another rumor from last year also highlighted the possibility of RDNA 4-based ray tracing improvements.