Rapper Kanye West attack3d wrong twin brother after his wife, Bianca Censori was allegedly assaulted at the Chateau Marmont

Kanye west Bianca Twin

According to a recent story, days after the rapper was identified as a battery suspect during an incident in Los Angeles, Kanye West actually punched the wrong man.

The 46-year-old rapper got into a fight with a man that his girlfriend Bianca Censori claims assaulted her on Wednesday while they were at the Chateau Marmont hotel in Los Angeles.

West allegedly attacked the wrong twin out of a pair that run multiple clubs and restaurants in Los Angeles, according to a recent TMZ report.

The twins, Mark and Jonnie Houston, are the owners of popular L.A. hotspots like Break Room 86, Good Times at Davey Wayne’s, No Vacancy, and Black Rabbit Rose.

West and Censori are alleging that after Censori ran into one of the brothers, he attacked her.

Sources, according to TMZ, described Censori’s accusations as “totally off base and simply not accurate,” and they assert that there is no proof to support those claims.

The Chateau Marmont lobby was reportedly fairly packed when a man happened to run into Censori.

The man promptly left the scene and went outside to sit with some friends after the event.

In the moment that followed, West approached the man at the table and gave him a punch to the face.

But it seems that West struck the wrong man—that is, the other twin, not the one who ran into his fiancée in the lobby.

Which of the twins ultimately got punched by West and which one rushed into Censori are unknown at this moment.

The Houston twins are rumoured to visit Chateau Marmont frequently, although it’s unclear if they’ve previously met West.

After the confrontation, the rapper reportedly left the hotel before the police did, saying that they wanted to speak with West.

According to law enforcement officials, West punched the wrong brother twice, but there was no proof that one of the brothers had assaulted Censori.

The City Attorney will assess the enquiry to see whether formal charges will be brought after it is completed.

West’s squad is certain that Censori was assualted that night even though no proof has been discovered.

“Any attempt to downplay the gravity of what happened is repulsive and vile—this was a physical, sexual assault,” a representative for Kanye said in a statement.