“Rudeboy still owes me for the feature i did for him and his girlfriend” – Cynthia Morgan shares

Cynthia Paul
  • Cynthia Morgan, a musician and rapper, has reportedly blasted her colleague Rudeboy by revealing that he still owes her for a feature she did for his girlfriend.
  • Rudeboy, Paul Okoye, distanced himself from Cynthia Morgan in an Instagram live session, stating that she was not his artist but his elder brother.

Rapper and musician Cynthia Morgan has criticised her colleague Rudeboy, claiming that he is still in debt to her for the feature she did for his girlfriend.

Rudeboy, as Paul Okoye, distanced himself from Cynthia Morgan during an Instagram live session, saying that she was never his artist e but rather his elder brother.

She stayed on their necks, he continued, even though they had split ways. He wished her a quick recovery after that.

He stated:

“Cynthia Morgan, she is not my artiste. She was never my artiste. She was my elder brother’s artiste. They have gone their different ways. Na she sabi. I wish her to get well soon.”

Rudeboy was reprimanded by Cynthia Morgan for pulling away from her. The musician wished her a speedy recovery and chided him for having the gall to speak poorly of her, but she questioned whether she was sick.

When he was still married to his now-ex-wife, Anita Okoye, Madrina reminded him that he still owed her for the feature she had done for him and his then-girlfriend.

Cynthia Morgan wrote:

“You think you can talk @iamkingrudy you wish me get well soon, me and you who they sick?

Remember you still owe me for the feature I did for you and your girlfriend who was also your artiste in 2016?

And I believe you were still married at the time? Mind yourself Paul, mind yourself”.