Samsung Bot Fit wearable robot production to begin soon

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Samsung is betting big on wearable tech, with several products in the pipeline, and some could be released as soon as this year. Amid a busy lineup of products, a report has emerged hinting that the South Korean tech giant is prepping up the production of the Bot Fit wearable robot.

Samsung moves ahead with the production of the Bot Fit wearable robot

You might be curious about what Bot Fit is. Well, it’s not something that Samsung has talked about for the first time. In fact, Samsung first teased Bot Fit, formerly known as GEMS Hip, at various trade shows in 2019.

It’s not just a trendy gadget for fitness enthusiasts within Samsung Health; it’s more of a specialized medical tool. Bot Fit functions as a wearable exoskeleton designed to help improve movements. Most importantly, it’s Samsung’s first wearable robot.

The latest report from the South Korean publication ETNews confirms that Bot Fit’s production will ramp up soon. The first batch will consist of fewer than 100,000 units, mainly targeting individuals aiming to enhance their exercise routines. Mass production could begin in the second or third quarter. So, consumers can expect the final product to be available for purchase by the end of this year or early next year.

Taking this with a pinch of salt is wise for a couple of reasons: firstly, Samsung has yet to confirm any development, and secondly, Samsung hasn’t focused much on Bot Fit recently. Nevertheless, many are eager to see it become a reality soon.

Samsung is on a roll lately. It’s rumored to be working on an Apple Vision Pro rival. If things go right, we may see the rival by the end of 2024. Additionally, the company unveiled its highly anticipated Galaxy Ring for the first time today at MWC 2024. However, the features remain under wraps.