Samsung enriches Galaxy Buds with "Interpreter", "Auto Switch" and more

Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 everything 02 01 Berry

Samsung will roll out a feature-packed update for the Galaxy Buds 2 Pro, Galaxy Buds 2, and Galaxy Buds FE within February, enhancing their functionality within the Samsung ecosystem.

The standout addition to the Galaxy Buds series is Samsung’s AI-based ‘Interpreter’ tool. This tool allows users of the Galaxy S24 series to engage in seamless conversations with individuals speaking different languages. When paired with Galaxy Buds, users will be able to listen to the real-time translation of their conversation through the earbuds while the other party hears the translation through the phone’s speakers. It eliminates the need to pass the phone back and forth in order to listen to the translations.

Another noteworthy addition to the Galaxy Buds series is Android’s “Auto Switch”

Another noteworthy addition is the Auto Switch feature, which streamlines the Bluetooth pairing experience. When connected to two devices simultaneously, such as a smartphone and a tablet, the Galaxy Buds will automatically switch devices to accommodate incoming phone calls. This seamless transition ensures uninterrupted communication without the need for manual intervention. However, Samsung notes that this functionality

Google released this audio-switching feature nearly two years ago with the Pixel Buds Pro. Now Samsung is extending this feature to PCs including its Galaxy Book4 series (with One UI 6.0 or above) with the Galaxy Buds2 Pro updated to the latest firmware. Samsung notes that users will need to log in to a Samsung Account on their Galaxy devices to enable this feature.

Auracast and 360 Audio are also on the list

The update also includes the expansion of Auracast to some older Galaxy devices along with the expansion of 360 Audio to Samsung Neo QLED 8K, Neo QLED 4K, OLED, and QLED TVs with the Galaxy Buds2 Pro and Galaxy Buds 2.

With Auracast, multiple Galaxy Buds can connect to a single audio source, enabling synchronized playback across different devices. Additionally, the inclusion of 360-degree audio enhances the audio experience on compatible Samsung phones, tablets, and TVs, delivering virtual surround sound through Galaxy Buds. These features enrich the entertainment capabilities of the Galaxy Buds series, offering users a more immersive and personalized audio experience.

To access the new functionalities, users need to ensure their devices are updated to the latest firmware version via the Galaxy Wearable app. With these enhancements, Samsung continues to innovate and enhance the user experience across its ecosystem of devices.