Samsung expands Auracast to older Galaxy devices with One UI 6.1

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Samsung introduces Auracast support to select older Galaxy devices running One UI 6.1. It includes the Galaxy S23 series, Galaxy Z Fold5, Galaxy Z Flip5, and Galaxy Tab S9 series. For those unaware, Auracast is a Bluetooth feature that allows audio to be transmitted from a single source/device to multiple receiving devices with support for LE Audio at the same time.

This move follows the successful integration of Auracast on the Galaxy Buds 2 Pro and Samsung’s smart TVs and now extends to select Galaxy smartphones and tablets.

Auracast offers two primary functionalities: ‘broadcasting sound using Auracast’ and ‘Listen to Auracast broadcast’

With the ‘broadcasting sound using Auracast’ feature, users can transmit audio to multiple connected devices simultaneously, creating a seamless audio-sharing experience. Users can use this feature on the above-mentioned Galaxy devices with One UI 6.1 or above.

Additionally, users can listen to Auracast broadcasts on supported devices, allowing them to enjoy audio content from various sources with ease. This feature is available on Galaxy devices with software versions as old as One UI 5.1.1, providing backward compatibility and extending the benefits of Auracast to a broader user base. Notably, the Galaxy Z Flip4, Galaxy Z Fold4, Galaxy A54 5G, Galaxy M54 5G, Galaxy Tab S9 FE series, and Galaxy Tab Active 5 5G are also on this list alongside the above-mentioned devices.

Setting up and joining audio streams through Auracast is similar to connecting to Wi-Fi networks

Auracast simplifies the process of setting up and joining audio streams, similar to connecting to Wi-Fi networks. Users can initiate or join broadcasts using QR codes, ensuring a seamless and user-friendly experience. With the widespread adoption of Auracast, the Bluetooth SIG envisions new use cases for public audio transmissions in environments such as waiting areas, transit centers, cinemas, and conference centers. Moreover, Auracast-equipped hearing aids hold the potential to replace traditional T-Coils, notes Android Police. It will offer enhanced accessibility for individuals with hearing impairments.

Overall, Samsung’s decision to bring Auracast support to older Galaxy devices underscores its commitment to delivering cutting-edge audio solutions and improving the user experience across its product ecosystem.