Samsung Galaxy Watch 7 Pro could sport a bigger battery

South Korean regulators have approved the EB-BL705ABY battery with a rated capacity of 578mAh, indicating its intended use for Samsung’s upcoming smartwatch. Notably, this battery surpasses the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro’s rated capacity of 573mAh and typical capacity of 590mAh, making it a slightly smaller but promising option.

Indeed, it outperforms even the second-biggest battery found on recent Galaxy Watches like the Watch 6 Classic (Review), boasting a 40% discrepancy with its 425mAh capacity. So, what implications do this have for Samsung fans?

What can Samsung enthusiasts expect from the Galaxy Watch 7 Pro larger battery?

Rumors abound about the imminent release of the Samsung Galaxy Watch 7 Pro. Recent rumors indicate that this lineup may include three models, classic and pro versions. Furthermore, whispers hint at one of these models resembling the rectangular Galaxy Live from ten years ago.

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Image credit: Safety Korea

Given that the Classic model is anticipated to keep the iconic rotating bezel, either the Pro or standard model is likely to embrace a rectangular shape. A battery such as the EB-BL705ABY, designed for a rectangular design, appears to be a suitable choice. However, it is important to mention that the 45.4mm Watch5 Pro successfully integrated its battery even with a circular design.

What other exciting features can we expect from the Galaxy Watch 7 series?

In addition to battery size, excitement grows for the upcoming Exynos chipset in Watch 7 series. With a projected 50% increase in efficiency, this chipset has the potential to revolutionize the WearOS experience, offering exceptional battery life.

Speculation suggests Watch 7 series may be revealed with next-gen foldable at Galaxy Unpacked event. However, it is also possible that the watches could have their own dedicated showcase at a later time. Nonetheless, Samsung fans await the arrival of new smartwatches with innovative features. We should come across plenty of leaks and rumors about these Galaxy devices ahead of that, so stay tuned.