Samsung phones receive a Google Play System update after half a year

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After a months-long unexplained delay, a new Google Play System Update (GPSU) is finally rolling out to Samsung Galaxy smartphones. The devices, including the Galaxy S24 series, are picking up the January 2024 GPSU. They have been stuck on the July 2023 release for so long.

The Galaxy S24 and other Samsung devices get a new Play System Update

Google pushes monthly Play System Updates to Android smartphones and tablets. These are updates for underlying system services that make the core of Android. New releases are installed automatically behind the scenes, though users can manually check for them. Unlike major Android updates and security patches, Google has complete control over Play System Updates.

However, for the past several months, most Samsung phones haven’t received a new GPSU. They last picked up one in July 2023. The issue affected flagships, foldables, and mid-range devices alike. It was unclear whether there was a problem with Galaxy products that blocked their access to new releases or Google held back the updates for some undisclosed reason.

Even the Galaxy S24 series, which debuted last month, arrived with the July 2023 GPSU. Neither Google nor Samsung came forward to tell what was going on. Thankfully, whoever was at fault has addressed the problem. A new Google Play System Update is now rolling out to the likes of the Galaxy S24 and other models. It isn’t the latest release—the February GPSU is already available for Pixels—but a fairly recent one.

As reported by Android expert Mishaal Rahman, the January and February 2024 GPSUs don’t bring any “interesting changes.” However, he says the March 2024 release will have “a pretty significant” changelog. The source didn’t go into details but it shouldn’t be long before we get to know more. There is only one day remaining in February, so a new GPSU is on the horizon.

Check for updates on your Samsung devices

If your Samsung Galaxy is also stuck on the July 2023 Play System Update, the January 2024 release should reach you soon. You can check for it manually from the Settings app. Scroll down to the About phone section, tap on Software information, and then on Google Play system update. Your phone will now check for a new GPSU.

If available, you will be prompted to download it. But if you still don’t see an update, fret not. It should be available in a few days. You can repeat these steps to check for Google Play System Updates anytime. These updates usually aren’t big, though you might still need to restart the phone to complete the installation.