Samsung plans modest initial production for Galaxy Ring

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Samsung aims to reshape the landscape of wearable wellness technology with its Galaxy Ring. The smart ring arrives later this year as a comprehensive health monitoring device. While it is shaping up to be an exciting product, the company may proceed conservatively with its production. It plans to produce just about 400,000 units of the Galaxy Ring in the first batch.

Samsung to make less than half a million Galaxy Ring

Smart rings have existed for a few years but are still a relatively niche product. Samsung is the first major global tech company to enter this market. The Korean firm hasn’t yet revealed everything about the Galaxy Ring. It shared a few key details at MWC 2024, but a formal launch isn’t expected before July. From what we have heard from Samsung so far, it is confident in the product it has made.

However, the company may have yet to gauge the market demand for smart rings. Perhaps it is difficult to tell how well the Galaxy Ring will sell. After all, smart rings aren’t mainstream yet. Hence, it plans to start with a small number of units. According to the Korean media, Samsung will only make about 400,000 Galaxy Rings in the first batch of mass production.

The company will decide on the production volume for the second batch depending on the market response. Since the Galaxy Ring is a small product and there is no shortage of components, it can quickly ramp up inventory if the demand is high. The company may also want to evaluate which sizes sell more before expanding production. The wearable will reportedly come in nine sizes.

Mass production of the Galaxy Ring will begin in May. Samsung plans to launch the ring alongside its sixth-gen foldables in July. Rumors are that the Galaxy Z Fold 6 and Galaxy Z Flip 6 will debut in the first half of July. Sales may begin later that month. The Galaxy Ring may also arrive on the market at the end of July or in August. You can expect more leaks and rumors about it in the build-up to its launch.

The ring will lack medical device certification

Samsung says the Galaxy Ring can be a substitute for your Galaxy Watch as an everyday wellness device. However, unlike the watches, the first-gen ring will lack a medical device certification, at least at launch. The company has to obtain regulatory approval before it can sell the wearable as a medical device. It is unclear whether Samsung plans to obtain a medical certification for the Galaxy Ring.