Samsung reveals the Galaxy Ring's battery life, and it's great

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Samsung is building hype around its first-gen smart ring, the Galaxy Ring, slated to go on sale later this year. After a teaser during the Galaxy S24 launch last month, the company unveiled the wearable at the MWC 2024. It revealed the device’s design and shed light on its health features. More information about the Galaxy Ring has surfaced online, including its battery life.

The Samsung Galaxy Ring has a battery life of up to nine days

The Galaxy Ring garnered a lot of media attention at the MWC 2024. Among those interested in the new wearable were Chey Tae-won, the Chairman of South Korean conglomerate SK Group, and Yoo Young-sang, the President of South Korean telecommunications company SK Telecom. Chey met Samsung’s chief of mobile business TM Roh to learn more about the device.

When asked about the decision to make a smart ring when a smartwatch already offers the same functions and more, Roh suggested that the ring would complement its watches rather than replace them. Users can avoid wearing watches to sleep without compromising on health tracking. The Galaxy Ring can measure all health metrics and is more comfortable to wear for a prolonged period.

Its long battery life also ensures that you get continuous monitoring. According to Roh, the Galaxy Ring can run up to nine days on a single charge. The battery life will vary depending on usage—active heart rate monitoring will kill the battery faster—but you may still get up to five days on usage. The Samsung executive didn’t go into details about its battery capacity or charging time.

Chey also asked whether the Galaxy Ring can make calls. Roh confirmed that the first-gen model lacks a calling function but hinted at a possibility in future versions. The Samsung head reiterated that the ring can measure sleep information and oxygen saturation. It syncs with the Samsung Health app on your connected smartphone and transmits all health data to it.

The ring will come in multiple sizes

Samsung plans to release the Galaxy Ring in nine sixes—sizes 5 to 13. The bigger versions will probably have bigger batteries. However, all sizes should offer the same set of sensors and functions and be comfortable to wear. “It may be a little different for each person, but I was able to wear it comfortably,” said Roh. “We are working hard to improve the perfection, so we will prepare well and introduce it within this year. We will make it happen.”