Samsung unveils new trade-in deals for the Galaxy watch 6

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The Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 is the most advanced smartwatch family from the company, and they are also quite pricey. In all honesty, many Samsung devices are pricey, but the company offers some amazing trade-in deals. Well, Samsung just unveiled an insane trading deal for the Galaxy Watch 6, and you might be able to pick one of these smartwatches up for under $100.

Right now, we’re leaks and rumors surrounding the next Galaxy Watch, according to the latest news, the Galaxy Watch 7 could have the largest battery on any Wear OS smartwatch, and that could be a 600mAh battery. More news about this smartwatch will trickle in until Samsung’s next Galaxy Unpacked event. We are pretty sure that it will be sometime in July. So, we only have a few more months to wait.

Checkout the Galaxy Watch 6 trade-in deals

Samsung unveils some amazing trade-in deals for the Galaxy Watch 6

Major companies like Samsung, Apple, and Google attribute many devices to trade-in deals. These deals allow people to buy full-priced devices at deep discounts by trading in their old devices. Many of the best trade-in deals occur when a device is newly launched. However, Samsung unveiled some Galaxy Watch 6 trade-in deals about eight months after this device launched.

The Galaxy Watch 6 starts at $299, and the Galaxy Watch 6 Classic starts at $399. So, these are not cheap devices. However, if you trade in your Galaxy Watch 5 Pro, you can get a whopping $200 off the price of a Galaxy Watch 6 and $250 off the price of a Galaxy Watch 6 classic. So, you’ll be able to pick up these watches for $49 and $89, respectively.

Imagine picking up a brand new Galaxy Watch 6 for the price of a cheap knockoff from Temu. If you are an Apple Watch user, and you’re thinking of crossing the pond over to Wear OS, you can trade in your Apple Watch Series 8 for the same value.

Please note that this trade-in deal is only available for a limited time. So, if you want to take advantage of it, you are going to have to act fast.