Samsung's Galaxy Tab S9 Series are on sale for as low as $739

Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra AM AH 8 jpg.webp

Samsung is discounting the entire Galaxy Tab S9 series right now to celebrate the launch of Galaxy AI on the Galaxy Tab S9. Currently, you can grab the Galaxy Tab S9 for $669, the Galaxy Tab S9 Plus for $869, or the Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra for $1,069. That’s good for around $130 off the Galaxy Tab S9 and S9 Plus and $150 off of the Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra. Definitely worth picking up today.

You can actually save even more with a trade-in. You can get up to $557 off with a trade-in, and you can even trade in a phone for these tablets. The Galaxy Tab S8 Plus from 2022 is fetching around $500 right now.

The Galaxy Tab S9 series is currently the best Android tablet that you can buy. Samsung launched these tablets last summer, and we absolutely love the Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra. All three models sport AMOLED displays, which look incredibly stunning, with the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 processors inside. Of course, the S Pen is also included.

I personally, use the Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra quite a bit, however keep in mind that it does have a 14.6-inch display which is pretty large for a tablet. But it is such a beautiful display to get some work done on.

You can pick up the Galaxy Tab S9 series of tablets from Samsung’s website at the link below.

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