Save $50 and get this Acer 250Hz gaming monitor for $150

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Good gaming monitors don’t have to break the bank or require an entire paycheck, hence this awesome deal on the Acer Nitro KG1 (K251Q) gaming monitor. This monitor regularly retails for $200 but you can currently save $50 and pick it up for $150 instead. Even at the regular price, this monitor is already a good deal because it’s affordable and it has some pretty good features. But if you’re looking for a more budget-friendly monitor when it comes to price, any extra savings is great.

While this isn’t a massive monitor for gaming, that’s not a bad thing. It’s actually a benefit depending on your setup. Maybe you prefer smaller gaming monitors or maybe you just need something small enough to fit in your space. Either way, this is a 24.5-inch gaming monitor. So it’ll fit on most desk setups. It’s also mountable if you need it to be so you can save even more desk space if required. Aside from the size, this is also a 250Hz monitor. That’s really where the Acer Nitro KG251Q is going to be worth the money.

A lot of gaming monitors at this price would have lower refresh rates. Now anything around at least 60Hz is completely fine. But the more frames you have the better. And if you play competitive multiplayer games you definitely want more frames. 250Hz is excellent for delivering smooth gameplay visuals that could mean the difference between you winning and losing a match of whatever game you’re playing. Now this monitor is Full HD so that’s going to factor into the price being as low as it is for this high of a refresh rate. But quite honestly, Full HD looks great on smaller monitors and the refresh rate is more important anyway.

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