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School abductions violate pupils’ right to education, NEF laments

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The Prof. Ango Abdullahi-led Northern Elders Forum, on Saturday, expressed concern over the abduction of no fewer than 287 pupils and teachers of the Government Secondary School and LEA Primary School, Kuriga 1, in Chikun Local Government Area of Kaduna State by bandits.

Bandits stormed the LEA Primary Kuriga around 8:30 am on Thursday,  shortly after the morning assembly, and whisked away the pupils and staff of the schools.

It was learnt that the secondary school was relocated to the primary school as a result of insecurity in the area.

The state governor, Uba Sani, however, assured the people of the state that the abducted pupils would be rescued unhurt.


In the same vein, the NEF said it was saddened by the worsening state of security in the nation highlighted by the alarming increase in school abductions.

According to the northern elders, the recent attack and mass abductions in Kuriga village, Chikun Local Government Area of Kaduna State have once again brought to the forefront the grave security challenges facing Northern Nigeria.

The forum, in a statement by its  Director of Publicity and Advocacy, Abdul-Azeez Suleiman, released in Kaduna, condemned the heinous act and expressed deep concern over the escalating wave of school abductions in the region.

The statement partly read, “This incident, where over 200 students and teachers were kidnapped from LEA Primary school, further underscores the fragile state of security in the nation.”

They lamented the fact that the abduction of schoolchildren has now become a common occurrence in Northern Nigeria, posing a serious threat to education in the region.

The statement added, “This reprehensible act not only violates the fundamental rights of these innocent children to education but also instils fear and anxiety among parents and educators.

“The recent wave of school abductions, where innocent children are being taken from their schools, is particularly distressing. These incidents not only traumatise the victims and their families but also undermine the educational system and the future of the nation.”

The forum emphasised the need for a collaborative effort between the government, security agencies, and local communities to ensure the safety and security of all Nigerians.

“It is clear that the current security situation is a matter of grave concern, and all stakeholders must work together to find lasting solutions to these challenges”, NEF said.

The NEF also highlighted the broader implications of such acts of violence on the fabric of Nigerian society.

“The continuous occurrence of kidnappings, killings, armed robberies, and violent attacks, not just in the rural areas but even in the federal capital, is a stark reminder of the pervasive insecurity that plagues the nation. It is a tragic reality that Nigerians are living under constant fear of being targeted by criminal elements.

“The abduction of 200 students in Kuriga village is particularly distressing, considering that it is the same community where a school principal was killed and his wife kidnapped just over a month ago. Such brazen acts of violence demonstrate the brazen disregard for human life and the rule of law by the perpetrators of these crimes”, NEF said.

The NEF warned that the state of lawlessness is unacceptable and called for urgent action to restore security and peace in the affected areas.

“This condemnation should serve as a clarion call for the government and security agencies to take proactive measures to protect schools, communities, and vulnerable populations in the North.

“It is imperative that all necessary resources and strategies are deployed to ensure the safe return of the abducted students and teachers and to prevent such incidents from recurring in the future.

“The government must see this as a strong stance reflecting the collective outrage and concern of Nigerians over the deteriorating security situation in the country.

“The government must prioritise the safety and wellbeing of its citizens and take decisive action to combat insecurity and safeguard the future of the next generation.

“Education is a fundamental right that must be protected at all costs, and any threat to it must be met with unwavering resolve and determination.

“May the abducted students and teachers be safely reunited with their families, and may justice be served on those responsible for this heinous crime”, they said.