Sega released the second update for Sonic Dream Team

Sonic Dream Team Second update 7

A while back, Sega released Sonic Dream Team, a very fun and positively reviewed game that’s exclusive to Apple Arcade. Well, the fact that is exclusive to Apple Arcade is the only complaint that people have about it. In any case, Sega released the second update to Sonic Dream Team, and it adds more content to this already feature-packed game.

In case you don’t know what Sonic Dream Team is, this is the latest story-driven game starring the main cast of Sonic characters but this includes Sonic the Hedgehog, Amy Rose the Hedgehog, Tails the Fox, Knuckles the Echidna, Rouge the Bat, and a new character named Ariem the Dream Weaver.

In this game, Sonic and his friends are stuck in one of Robotnik’s sinister dreams. So, it’s up to Sonic to get him and his friends out of the dream and defeat Robotnik once again.

While the game is very fun, it is exclusive to Apple Arcade. This is the service that costs $6.99/month. It gives you access to premium and exclusive games. It’s the Apple equivalent of Google Play Pass.

You can access Sonic Dream Team and other Apple arcade games on your iPhone, iPad, Mac computer, Apple TV, and Apple Vision Pro.

Sega released the second update to Sonic Dream Team

The first update brought some new modes and content, and the company is continuing this with the next installment. Firstly, there’s a new Zone to explore. It’s called the Sweet Dreams Zone, and the company describes it as a “brand-new cozy environment.” This level takes place after the main story. You’ll test your skills by going through these levels and collecting the Dream Moons. Also, there will be new music added to the game to go along with this new level.

Next up, are the new ranked badges. Go back and replay levels and finish them as quickly as I can. You’ll be able to earn different badges with the highest batch being the S rank badge. This adds replay value and a competitive flair to the game.

Sonic Dream Team is adding additional gameplay through new items like ziplines, swings, screw poles, and more. You will interact with these items in different ways to get yourselves through levels.

Rounding up the new content, the new achievements and statues. Finishing the new levels with s ranks will earn you special statues that you can’t collect.