Sennheiser launches 50-hour Accentum Plus headphones

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Sennheiser has launched its latest pair of wireless headphones, the Accentum Plus, and they’re about what you’d expect from the storied audio brand on the outside. Clean, simplistic design and what looks like over-the-top comfort. Judging by looks alone, the Accentum Plus appears to be a very premium pair of wireless headphones. And why should you expect anything less from Sennheiser when the company has been associated with high-end premium audio for decades? Initially announced at CES 2024, the Accentum Plus is among a few new pairs of headphones the company unveiled back in January.

Sennheiser doesn’t highlight any luxury materials in the build. But that shouldn’t take away from the comfort one bit. The headband features a soft-touch silicone material that shouldn’t be abrasive. And the earpads are nice and plush with a large size to envelope your ears. They will “secure around-ear fit to enjoy long music sessions,” Sennheiser says. The headphones are also described as lightweight and ergonomic. Where the Accentum Plus really seems to shine is with the features. In particular the battery life.

The Accentum Plus headphones will last for up to 50 hours

I’m not entirely sure if 50 hours is the market leader for wireless headphone battery life. What I am sure about, is that headphones with battery life that last this long between charges are pretty uncommon. Many will last you somewhere between 25-30 hours on a single charge. Some reach 40 hours. Which in retrospect is completely fine. Most pairs of wireless headphones will charge much faster these days anyway. But the Accentum Plus boasts a whopping 50 hours on a single charge. And for those who are traveling or commuting most of the time, it can be hard to turn that down. Even if the headphones can charge up quickly.

You aren’t always by a power source to plug headphones in. Perhaps you’re short on space in your bag and just don’t have room for a power bank. Whatever the case is, sometimes you just want your headphones to last longer. These will deliver that. And even if you do need a quick charge in a pinch, the Accentum Plus has that too. Just 10 minutes on the charger gets you 5 hours. The battery life and comfort alone should be enough to entice people to at least consider these. But Sennheiser didn’t stop at excellent battery life and good comfort. There are lots of intuitive user-friendly functions.

Like touch controls. The side panel on the earcup lets you adjust volume, skip tracks, and enable the transparency mode. You can also mix and match the touch controls with the companion app to find your preference for them. There’s Hybrid Adaptive Noise Cancellation too, and Sennheiser even packs a few goodies in with the headphones themselves. Namely a sleek and slim carrying case and a 3.5mm audio cable when you want or need to use the headphones with no battery life. The Accentum Plus goes on sale today and retails for $229.95 in Black and White colorways. You can pick them up from select retailers and from Sennheiser directly.

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