Slack AI is now available to more people

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Slack first introduced its AI service back in 2023. With Slack AI, users can get a complete summary of conversations. This service was initially only available for Enterprise users. However, Slack is distributing its AI tools to more people. You’re still going to have to pay to use them, though.

Slack AI is now available to more people

We recently covered news about this. However, we didn’t know the price at that point. Simply put, if you’re on the Slack Pro or Slack Business+ plan, you can access Slack AI for $10/month. The Slack Pro plan costs $8.75/month and the Business+ plan costs $15/month. So, getting the AI addon will add an additional $10 to your plan each month. If you’re on an Enterprise plan, then you’ll need to contact your account rep to discuss the best pricing plan for you.

Sadly, people on the basic plan can not add Slack AI. Also, there’s no way to buy access to it as a standalone plan.

Currently, the AI service supports English, Spanish, and Japanese. Slack has promised additional language support is coming soon.

What sorts of tools does Slack AI have?

Slack AI is available to more people, but what makes it worth the money? Well, has positioned its AI service as a bundle of time-saving and efficiency-boosting tools. Instead of keyword searches, users can now ask questions in a casual conversational approach. The Slack AI service promises to offer succinct answers based on relevant Slack messages. It is useful for catching up on finding specific information.

Apart from AI-generated summaries, the most anticipated feature would be Channel Recap. It claims to offer highlights of the conversation during which users were absent. Slack claims that the AI generating these recaps is intelligent enough to distinguish between different topics discussed.

Slack AI service users will have to add a channel to their recap. Thereafter, they will receive a daily digest with anything they may have missed. Moreover, Slack AI also offers personalized channel recommendations based on users’ past Slack activity.

A similar tool, called “conversation summaries”, is available for threads, which are one-on-one or group conversations on Slack. Users can ask Slack AI to help them catch up on anything they may have missed, and generate daily summaries. The AI will also offer sources of specific entries or notes.

Besides Recap and Summaries, Slack AI should gradually get better, the workplace management platform indicated. The company stated it was working on expanding its AI’s scope to include files, Slack apps, canvases, and clips. This would allow the Slack AI service to have a much deeper as well as broader context.