Some users aren't liking Gemini Advanced

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A few months ago, Google introduced us to its most powerful version of Gemini, which is called Gemini Advanced. This chatbot uses the Gemini Ultra model, and it offers advanced AI capabilities, no pun intended. Well, it appears that several users dislike Gemini Advanced, as we’ve gotten several reports of people preferring to take their money elsewhere.

In case you don’t know, in order to access Gemini Advanced, you have to sign up for the Google One AI Premium plan. This costs $19.99/month, and it’s competitive with services like ChatGPT Plus, and Anthropic AI. Both of those plans cost $20/month.

Some people seem to dislike Gemini Advanced

When it comes to basic functions, not many people have gripes with AI chatbots. If you’re looking for simple advice or a short story, you wouldn’t really have much of an issue. However, AI chatbots and other tools can be used for some serious industry-level work. People turn to these AI tools when they want to streamline certain functions, speed up productivity, Etc. Thus, the AI tool needs to be effective.

Well, certain users on Reddit have already been voicing their opinions about Gemini Advanced, and they seem to dislike the chatbot for several reasons. One post from a Reddit user talks about how the user would rather pay $20 to use Claude or GPT-4.

The user mentioned: “Images [are] laughable. I already use MidJourney for such [endeavors]. Programming. It is just not up to par. Problem Solving and Understanding. Not worth any $.

Other users mirror the sentiment by saying things like Gemini hallucinates a lot. Hallucinations are a pretty big issue when it comes to AI models, so this is something that most users keep their eyes on.

So, it appears that Google’s AI models are in a bit of a weird space. They don’t seem to be as powerful as some of the competition. However, Google’s AI models seem to be a hot commodity, especially for smartphone OEMs. Apple is planning on using Gemini Nano for its upcoming AI. Google’s AI is set to power an entire generation of on-device AI. So, hopefully, the company can fix the issues with Gemini Advanced so that companies don’t start seeking other models to power their AI products