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Soul Makers Ministry celebrates Hearts Day


ADHERENTS of the Soul Makers Ministry worldwide will mark the 2024 edition of the Hearts Day, scheduled to hold between Sunday June 16 to Wednesday June 19, 2024, as traditionally determined by the lunar calendar.

In a statement signed by the spiritual leader, High Chief Owolabi Salis, said the annual celebration, which is also referred to as “Odun Okan” in Yoruba or “Odun Ibori” or “Odun Ori” or “Odun Ori Ire” or “Odun Alafia Ara”, depending on the names different cultures give to it.
Salis said it is imperative of all adherents of the festival to find out what the name for Soul’s is called in their native language or culture.
According to him, “The Heart’s Day Celebration is determined by the lunar calendar – the sighting of the moon.”
Salis also said the celebration falls around June 16 to June 19, 2024 depending on the appearance of the moon, urging all adherents to keep the dates, which according to him is meant for all living beings that have a soul and a heart to appreciate their Creator.
The statement reads: “These days coincidentally fall around the time of the Muslim Ram festival but the Heart’s Day Celebration is different from the Muslim Ram festival. The next festival will be minus 11 days in 2025 and so on.
“During the festive celebration, you will offer prayers to The Soul Maker, the Almighty Lord of the Universe, to bless your hearts and other organs of your body and for a good head. You should also offer thanksgiving to The Soul Maker, the Creator of the Universe, for physical and spiritual guidance and stability.

“This is the time you pray for a good heart and other organs of the body and pray for a good head.
“The Heart’s Day Celebration is not the same as the Muslim Ram festival even though they fall around the same days. If you are a Muslim and you have money to sacrifice rams, you should buy extra ram for the Heart’s Day Celebration. If you are a Muslim and you cannot afford to buy extra ram, you should use the ram you can afford for the Heart’s Day Celebration because it is more significant and beneficial to you spiritually. If you are not a Muslim and you can afford to buy ram to celebrate the Heart’s Day, that’s fine with your Creator because Heart’s Day is for all and not an Islamic celebration only that it falls on the Ram festival period. Celebrate the Heart’s Day with prayers, good dresses and happy moments.”
Salis said that celebrating the Heart’s Day is more beneficial and rewarding to man since it is not idolism.
According to him, “Reliable historical and theological narrative reliably had it that human beings were being slaughtered for sacrifice as was the vogue in the past.
“Till date, human beings are slaughtered for crimes in some countries. The Almighty Lord of the Universe could not have asked anyone to sacrifice a human being for him. This is idolism.”

Salis further contended that human sacrifice was an idolism practice common in many cultures while child sacrifice was particularly common with Canaanites.
“The child sacrifice was done to please the pagan god Moloch, which was described as a Canaanite deity associated in biblical sources with the practice of child sacrifice. The cult of Moloch is believed to have been practiced by the people of the Levant region as far back as the early Bronze Age.”
He explained that the first mention of the deity Moloch is in the Hebrew Bible when “God” purportedly asked Moses to let the Israelites know that God will not tolerate the worship of other deities, naming Moloch in particular. Leviticus 18:21, condemning child sacrifice, teaches that people should not allow any of their children to be offered to Molech. “It is therefore evident that if you celebrate the ram festival, you are an idol worshiper.”
He added, “Another evidence of Child sacrifice to idols is worshiping of Ara, known in Greek as Aarras, is a north Arabian tutelary god known from inscriptions in Bosra. The name implies a holy place or an altar, but its Arabic root also means “to dye”. It is implied that many sacrifices (which may include children) were offered to the cult image, staining it with blood. Equated with the Nabataean Dushara who was also worshiped as Dushara-A’ra.”
Harping on what the celebration requires, Salis said, “Celebrate with your family and friends and offer a thanksgiving feast, dress well and create happy moments. Say the Heart’s Day and Thanksgiving prayers before and or during feasting. Check for the prayers. Doing so, your Creator will be happy with you and can enrich your Heart and other organs of your body and bless you with a good head. Do not worship stones, woods, idols or human beings.
“Observe what you are worshiping now. Ask yourself, am I worshiping stone, wood, idol or human being? If yes, dump it. Stay away from worshiping stones, idols or human beings. Your creator is against it. Raise your consciousness to your Creator that on these days, you are thanking him for your heart, other organs of your body and for a good head and let the world know you are celebrating Heart’s Day and not worshiping stone, wood, idol or human being. When you do, you will notice an improvement in your spiritual and physical life.”
He referred believers to visit website to understand and know the prayers needed for these days.

He added that The Soul Maker is the Lord of diversity, just as he said its teachings are natural and are meant to recover devotees from stories of men. “The teaching is that your creator, The Soul Maker, is the owner of your soul represented by the star, and that soul lives in your heart, and that is what you see in the Start-Heart and Heart-Star symbol. It teaches that when you worship a thing, you are submitting your soul to that thing. It teaches that the only person to worship is the maker and owner of your soul, which in this case is your first root, your creator, which is The Soul Maker. It teaches that if you desire pure blessings, no sinner should lead you to The Soul Maker; imagine somebody leading you in prayers, and that person is a criminal or sinner. It teaches that you can not ask your creator The Soul Maker for pure blessings in the name of mortals because mortals don’t have souls and cannot create one. The mortals have their own problems. Ask him directly. It teaches that you can not bear fruits (blessings) unless you water your roots and that you have three roots. First is your creator, who is the owner of your soul. Second are your parents. And third are your ancestors. It teaches that while you pay obeisance to your roots, you can only worship the owner of your soul, which is your first root, The Soul Maker. The Soul Maker ministry teachings are natural and well defined to relocate the human beings on the right path.”

He added that the earthly religions are part of the diverse nature of our planet Earth. “They are all worthy of recognition. They all preach for memberships; if you don’t follow my teachings, you will go to hell, and people get scared. But note this: They are all designed from certain ancestral roots and culture.”
Salis also emphasised that before anyone pays obeisance to anything “you have to ask yourself, is it part of your root, if not, you don’t need to pay obeisance to it because it is of no value to you. If you do, your spirit will be harvested for the ancestral root or culture that created it. I hope you get it and you can make a conclusion; the spiritual economy of the ancestral owners improves while the non-owners’ devotee spiritual economy declines.”