Spotify integration with Android media player finally rolling out

More than a year after it was announced at CES 2023, Google and Spotify are finally bringing Spotify Connect integration to Android’s media player notification. At MWC 2024, Google again announced the upcoming feature, which will allow users to easily switch between devices when listening to music on Spotify.

You can now control Spotify using Android’s media switcher

With this new integration, Spotify listeners can use the output switcher option within the Android media notification to change where their music is playing. With a tap on the notification, users can send their Spotify playlist or podcast from their phone to other nearby speakers that support Spotify Connect. This turns an Android device into a remote control for Spotify, allowing playback control without having to open the app itself.

Output device suggestions will be contextual, showing options relevant to the user based on their location, time of day, and proximity to connected speakers on the same Wi-Fi. For example, commuters can start a playlist on their phone during the morning commute and seamlessly switch to a smart speaker in the kitchen with a single tap when they get home. Parents can pause the kids’ Spotify session in the playroom from the couch without interrupting what they’re doing.

android media player spotify integrationandroid media player spotify integration

While YouTube Music, SoundCloud, Pocket Casts, Shazam, and others offer similar functionality through their integration with Cast devices, Spotify was one of the popular music streaming services that lacked this feature. Now it can streamline the listening experience across devices.

The delay in bringing this feature to light is unusual. Spotify is usually quick to adapt to new Android features. It suggests that there were likely technical hurdles behind the scenes that took longer to overcome than expected.

Now that both Google and Spotify have reaffirmed their commitment to the partnership, we can expect the feature to begin rolling out to Android 14 devices worldwide in the coming weeks. This will improve the listening experience for many Spotify users.