Spotify Launches a New Basic Plan in the US

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Spotify increased the pricing of its premium subscription plans by up to $3 in the US at the beginning of this month. One of the main reasons behind the price hike was the inclusion of access to monthly audiobooks. Now, Spotify has introduced a new basic plan in the US. It is essentially the old premium plan with the same old price.

The new Spotify basic plan in the US costs the same as the old premium plan

Spotify’s new basic plan is priced at $10.99. It offers users access to offline and ad-free premium music streaming for a month with unlimited skips. However, it doesn’t provide 15 hours of audiobook listening time per month from Spotify’s catalog of over 250,000 titles.

Earlier, the Spotify premium plan in the US used to cost the same as the new basic subscription. The new basic plan saves you $1 on a Spotify premium subscription if you don’t want to listen to audiobooks.

Earlier this month, Spotify hiked the pricing of all the premium plans for the second time in less than a year. Pricing of the Individual, Duo, and Family plans was increased up to $3 in the US. The Spotify Individual tier now costs $11.99, a $1 bump from earlier.

The Spotify Duo and Family plans saw a hike of $2 and $3 respectively in the country. The former now costs $16.99, while the latter now sets you back by $19.99. The Family plan gives you premium Spotify access to up to six members.

Spotify could also launch a Hi-Fi tier with lossless audio this year

Spotify could finally launch its high-fidelity music streaming tier this year, which has been in the pipeline for quite some years now. The Spotify Hi-Fi streaming option is expected to be released at some point by the end of this year. If the reports are to be believed, the Hi-Fi option will be offered as an add-on for the existing premium plans. It could cost at least $5 more per month on top of your existing plan. We should have more details in the coming weeks, so stay tuned.