Spotify may soon launch its lossless audio feature

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After years of anticipation, Spotify may soon launch its long-awaited lossless audio feature. Recent discoveries suggest the streaming giant is preparing to offer high-fidelity audio as an optional add-on for existing subscribers. This move would bring Spotify in line with services like Apple Music, Tidal, and Amazon Music HD, which already offer lossless audio.

Lossless audio offers a higher level of detail and clarity than standard compressed formats like MP3. It aims to replicate the quality of the original studio recording, preserving subtle nuances that might be lost in lower-quality formats.

Spotify may launch “Music Pro” add-on

Spotify first announced plans for Spotify HiFi in February 2021, promising CD-quality lossless audio launching sometime that same year. However, fans have been kept waiting as the feature wasn’t released.

According to Reddit user Hypixely, Spotify may be developing a lossless audio feature called “Music Pro.” This feature will arrive as an add-on to existing plans, rather than a standalone subscription tier. It would include advanced remixing tools, allowing users to customize songs with TikTok-style creativity. Additionally, the feature could optimize audio output for specific headphones, enhancing the overall listening experience.

Music Pro could also expand upon past AI features, offering even smarter playlists and personalized insights into your music habits. Overall, Music Pro seems designed to appeal to both power users and casual listeners, providing exciting new ways to interact with music.

A welcome addition, but questions remain

The arrival of lossless audio would be welcomed by audiophiles who value the highest quality listening experience. While the rumors suggest this could soon be a reality, uncertainties remain. For instance, the potential cost of “Music Pro” is unclear, as is the full range of features it might offer beyond lossless audio. Additionally, Spotify has not officially confirmed the existence or launch date of “Music Pro.”

Hopefully, users won’t have to wait much longer to experience their favorite tunes in crystal-clear, high-fidelity sound on Spotify.