Spyro Threatens Legal Action Over Report Of Him Saying He Would Never Collaborate With Portable


Singer Spyro has denied reports that he said he would never collaborate with fellow musician, Portable. He threatened to take legal action against bloggers for reporting the news. The singer made the threat in a recent statement through his management, TAP Music Entertainment Limited. According to the statement, Spyro granted an interview with media personality Do2dtoun in which he stated that he would be unable to write a song for Portable because his style of music is completely different from the Zazu singer. Some media reports subsequently claimed that Spyro said he cannot work with Portable because the latter is not a good artiste. In the statement, Spryo’s management debunked the claim and gave a seven-day ultimatum to the bloggers that reported the story or face legal action. The statement read in part: “As a team, we wish to use this medium to unequivocally state that at no time did Spyro outrightly state that he would not feature Portable or ever state that Portable is not a good artiste. Spyro, had in actual fact, given multiple accolades to the ingenuity of Portable in the full-on thirty minutes’ interview session.“It is no gainsaying to state that Spyro’s predominant music genres are Afropop and R&B while Portable performs street-hop. Hence, it was not out of place, during the said interview session, for Spyro to have mentioned that he does not envisage writing a song for Portable. As simple and as evident as this is, it has come to our attention that some Nigerian fans and netizens, bloggers (such as the “Wahalanetwork”), have taken it upon themselves to misrepresent the facts and to publish defamatory statements in order to bring to disrepute the name, image and brand of Spyro.“We would like to bring to the attention of media houses to seize to publish defamatory contents against Spyro as this is a tortious act and a cause of legal actions against anyone who willfully and knowingly publishes malicious, defamatory statements and willfully misrepresent facts. Based on the foregoing, we hereby demand that ...s made by Wahalanetwork, other bloggers and Netizens on this issue be taken down and expunged within seven (7) days. Where these posts are not taken down, we will not hesitate to institute legal action”

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