Super savings: The Odyssey OLED G9 gaming monitor is now $1,100

Samsung Odyssey OLED G9 Deal jpg.webp

Best Buy is currently offering a really good deal on the Samsung Odyssey OLED G9 gaming monitor bringing the price down by a significant amount. This monitor regularly retails for $1,800 at full price. But you can currently pick it up for $1,100. That saves you $700 which is a really good price drop for this particular monitor. It’s one of Samsung’s best gaming monitors, and it’s such a massive display that you can see so much on-screen in your games.

The Odyssey OLED G9 has been down to this price once before, but that was back at the beginning of March. And it hasn’t been that price again since as far as we know. It typically goes on sale for at least $100 more than it is now. So this is an excellent price worth taking advantage of.

Aside from having a huge 49-inch OLED display with a 1000R curve, the Odyssey OLED G9 has one of my favorite features on any gaming monitor. The picture-by-picture mode. Here’s why this is awesome. If you’re like me, then you may have your gaming PC and a console or two hooked up to the same monitor. With the Odyssey OLED G9 and the picture-by-picture mode, you can split the panel into two equal-sized monitors side by side, with each side using a different input. So you can have your PC running on one and a console on the other. This is great for watching videos while you play.

Another really neat feature is the Samsung Gaming Hub. This is a smart monitor. So you can connect it to your Wi-Fi network and play games in the cloud using Samsung Gaming Hub. This works through services like Xbox Game Pass and NVIDIA GeForce NOW. If you want to upgrade your gaming experience a ton, this is how you do it.

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