T-Mobile's new Internet plans are here to take your data woes away

T-Mobile recently took to the stage and announced two new Internet plans for its customers. The company, purportedly the fastest-growing Internet provider serving around five million customers, took the wraps off the Home Internet Plus and the Away plans.

The Home Internet Plus plan starts at $50, undercutting competing plans from Verizon, AT&T and Xfinity Connect

As its moniker suggests, the Home Internet Plus plan builds upon the company’s Home Internet plan. The plan comes bundled with the company’s 5G gateway and a Wi-Fi Mesh Access Point. Put together, the plan can reportedly cover up to 2,200 square feet. The enhanced range should make it easier to access the internet outdoors, and it should be a godsend for users who rely on a truckload of AIOT devices like surveillance cameras, too.

To make matters more enticing, the plan also offers 24/7 tech support. The support extends to any and all connected devices, and prospective buyers can hop on a call, chat with experts, or troubleshoot issues by camera or screen sharing. As such, if you run into trouble configuring your security cameras or can’t get Google Photos to sync your latest album, you can reach out to the company’s representatives for assistance. It’s important to note that the plan costs $70 with AutoPay or $50 with AutoPay and a premium voice line. It will be available starting April 26 and comes with promising guarantees. These include fixed, standardized rates that won’t skyrocket unexpectedly and a no-frills installation.

T Mobile Home Internet Plus PlanT Mobile Home Internet Plus Plan
Source: T-Mobile

T-Mobile’s Away plan hopes to be a one-stop-shop for travelers

Harping on the necessity for consistent Internet access when out and about, T-Mobile claims its Away Internet plan will appease digital nomads, globetrotters, and RVers alike. The plan comes with a 5G gateway that can connect up to 64 devices simultaneously.

Additionally, the plan uses advanced security protocols like WPA3. As such, customers can browse the interwebs safely without relying on a sketchy public network. As with the Home Internet Plus plan, the Away plan also comes with some guarantees, including a price lock feature that ensures data rates don’t increase unexpectedly.

The plan also offers an unlimited data option. Those opting for the same will have to shell out $160 monthly with AutoPay. That said, more modest users can opt for the company’s 200GB Away plan, which costs $110 monthly with AutoPay.

We should also point out that the company may throttle speeds if the monthly consumption increases beyond 1.2TB. The Away plan will be available starting May 8. Do you plan to switch to T-Mobile’s latest Internet plans? Let us know in the comments below.