Tacha updates fans on her beauty journey as she get a Botox and fillers on her face

Tacha 1
  • Natacha Akide, also known as Tacha, shares her beauty journey, including Botox and fillers for wrinkle reduction.
  • Tacha shared images of Botox and fillers injections on Instagram, with a medical professional administering the treatments with a syringe to her face.

Reality TV star Natacha Akide, better known by her stage name as Tacha, provides an inside look into her cosmetic procedures as she undergoes facial fillers and Botox treatments to get rid of wrinkles.

She posted pictures of herself getting Botox and fillers a few hours ago on her Instagram page, enhancing her appearance.

In the video, Tacha was seen receiving injections to the face from a medical practitioner using a syringe.

She described another part of the process in a later post, in which she is asked to read alphabets on a surface at varying sizes as part of a vision test.

“Got Botox & Fillers Today! Y’all want a YouTube on THiS? Yay / NAY??💃💃,” she captioned the video.

In the comments section, some admirers praised and supported her decision, while others disapproved of it.