Taiwan’s biggest earthquake killed nine people

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On Wednesday Taiwan’s biggest earthquake in at least 25 years killed nine people, injured more than 900 and 50 hotel workers are missing. The authorities said rescuers used ladders to bring others to safety.

Chang Yu-Lin,60, a worker in a hospital in Taipei, the capital, said the earthquake was very strong and it felt as if the house was going to topple.

“This is the biggest earthquake I have ever experienced,” said a woman who runs bed and breakfast accommodation in Hualien city. She was scrambling to calm her guest who were frightened by the quake.

At that time people were going to work and school, the quake hit at a depth of 15.5 kilometers. Setting off a tsunami warning for southern Japan and the Philippines that was later lifted.

Videos has shown rescuers using ladders to help trapped people out of windows, while elsewhere there were massive landslides. In Taipei strong tremors forced the subway system to close briefly, although most lines resumed service.

The fire authorities said they had already evacuated some 70 people trapped in tunnels near Hualien city, including two Germans.

They said they have lost contact with 50 workers aboard four minibuses heading to a hotel in national park, Taroko Gorge, and rescuers were looking for them.

80 people are trapped in a mining area, though it was not confirmed if they were inside a mine.

Speaking outside one of the collapsed buildings in Hualien, President –elect Lai Ching-te, said the top priority is to rescue people at the moment.

Lai who is set to take office next month, told reporters that the rail link to the area was  expected to re-open today.

Source name:abc News

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