Taymesan reveals what Jesus would do if he was in this generation


Taymesan, a popular Nigerian actor, claims that if Jesus were alive today, he would be partying at a pub.

He discussed this on an edition of the Lowkey relatable podcast, which is hosted by Irene Garber and Valerie Ike.

They were discussing the afterlife, and they stated that they were more likely to enter heaven than people who lived upright.

They used the Bible to back up their position, describing how Jesus spent the most time with rejected misfits and imperfect members of society.

This implies that Jesus is more concerned with people who are not yet saved and emphasises their redemption.

Taymesan asserted that if Jesus were alive today, he would be at WBar partying with sinners rather than attending church, as many believe.

Many people are outraged by their point of view, believing it is faulty.

Watch the video below.