The Galaxy Watch 5 Pro Golf Edition is now only $419.99

Galaxy Watch 5 Pro Golf Edition Deal jpg.webp

Samsung is still having its Discover Samsung Spring Sale leading to tons of its products being discounted by considerable amounts, and that includes a deal on the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro Golf Edition.

This particular smartwatch model regularly retails for $499.99, but because of the Spring sale, you can pick it up for just $419.99 instead. That’ll save you $80 on what is one of the best smartwatches available today for Android users, especially those who use a Samsung Galaxy smartphone. As this is a special edition, it does have a few unique traits. Ones that aren’t available with the regular Galaxy Watch 5 Pro. The most obvious is the different band. The regular model came with a gray or black magnetic d-buckle band. The Golf Edition, however, comes with a two-tone white and black band. It also uses the t-buckle instead of the magnetic d-buckle clasp.

In addition, it has a golf-inspired watch face, as well as a green home button on this side. Lastly, you can use the watch to track your shots and score, as well as the course you’re playing on. Other than that, everything else is the same. That means you get the same great battery life that the original model has. Something which we were very impressed by in our review of the Pro model watch when it was released.

The Galaxy Watch 5 Pro also comes with a case that uses titanium instead of aluminum or stainless steel. So it’s a bit tougher than other smartwatches that use those metals. Samsung’s Galaxy Watch 5 Pro is also one of the few watches that are running on Wear OS 4 with all of the latest features. Including Google Maps with directions, Google Wallet, and Google Assistant. Even if you never use the Golf features of this watch, this is a great price. And this is the Pro model of the Galaxy Watch 5.

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