The Nintendo Switch 2 might not launch until next March

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As fans eagerly await the launch of Nintendo’s next console, suspected to be the Nintendo Switch 2, another rumor has surfaced that suggests the console is getting a launch delay to 2025.

The Nintendo Switch 2 was initially expected to be released by sometime in late 2024. The earliest report of its 2024 release pegged it for arrival around the holidays. It’s a fitting time given the shopping season and people’s penchant for buying these kinds of products as gifts. But it wasn’t too long before Nintendo had reportedly delayed the console. Back on February 16, it was reported that Nintendo had delayed the launch of the Switch 2 until next year. That initial report came from VGC, and a similar report citing separate sources from Eurogamer was saying the same thing.

With the delay, the Nintendo Switch 2 won’t arrive until at least March

It goes without saying that none of this has been confirmed yet. But the most recent mention of the delay suggests that the console might not arrive until at least March. Nikkei Asia states that the console will arrive “as early as” March which means there’s a chance that it could launch a little bit later.

But the March window matches up with the previous reporting that aligned Nintendo’s planned release with some time in the first quarter of 2025. The reasons for the delay aren’t entirely clear either. However, the rumors suggest that Nintendo wants to avoid having a console launch that doesn’t have enough games ready to represent the new hardware.

Sources have said that Nintendo wanted to prepare more first-party games. By delaying the launch it would give the company more time to get some ready. Nikkei also reports that the new console will likely feature the ability to be used as a portable. This isn’t new information but it does corroborate previous rumors. It’s also been reported that Nintendo is going to be using an LCD display for this new console. It’s also said to be larger in size compared to the display on the original Switch.