The OnePlus 12R now comes in a Genshin Impact Edition

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OnePlus has unveiled a new crossover with HoYoverse as part of MWC 2024, and will be releasing a new OnePlus 12R Genshin Impact Edition. Like last year’s Genshin Impact Edition of the OnePlus 11, the new OnePlus 12R crossover phone will have a themed design. This will come alongside a themed box and a whole bunch of goodies that come inside of it. While the OnePlus 11 was themed after Xiangling, this time around the phone will be themed after Keqing, one of the game’s Electro-wielding heroes. As such, the phone and the special edition collector’s box come in a brand-new violet colorway with various design elements revolving around the character.

This includes an etching of Keqing’s name across the bottom of the phone’s back panel. Additionally, there are etchings of Keqing’s signature lightning stiletto and Electro element. But the crossover doesn’t stop there. The box itself is a collectible and was designed to be kept and put on display. The phone also comes with a handful of collectible merchandise, as well as a themed Keqing case, SIM ejector tool, charging brick, and USB-C charging cable. On top of all that, the phone has a fully customized UI. Including personalized power-on and fingerprint unlock animations.

What’s really neat though are the customized system app icons, in addition to the charging animation themed after the Electro element. There’s also one last little trick this phone offers. And it’s the coolest part about the device.

The OnePlus 12R Genshin Impact Edition will project Keqing’s name onto surfaces

You’re probably wondering how the phone does this. And that’s a valid thing to wonder about. The process is actually rather fitting given the name. Using a process called “Electro Etching,” the “Keqing” that comes etched across the bottom of the phone’s back panel will project onto nearby surfaces. This happens because Electro Etching reflects light. So if you illuminate the back of the device, specifically the name Keqing, it’ll reflect the light back and project the name.

It’s a very cool little trick that would fit perfectly in a collector setup with everything else on display alongside the device.

The phone is available in limited quantities, starting at $649.99

If you’re a huge Genshin Impact fan and want to get your hands on this phone, there’s good and bad news. Pre-orders opened on February 28 but it didn’t take long for stock to be depleted. The good news is that OnePlus will have more stock of the device once it launches on March 21. The phone goes live at 6 A.M. PST/9 A.M. EST.

That being said, the phone will still be available in limited quantities. So you’ll want to be fast if you plan to pick this phone up. The OnePlus 12R Genshin Impact Edition will be sold exclusively through the OnePlus website. It’ll retail for $649.99 in the US and $869.99 CAD in Canada. OnePlus is also extending its “ANY phone in ANY condition” promotion to the OnePlus 12R Genshin Impact Edition. This means you can trade in your old device for $100 off the Genshin phone if you’re a US consumer. Those buying the phone in Canada will be able to save $150 CAD.