The OnePlus Watch 2's battery could put the Pixel Watch 2 to shame

OnePlus Watch 2 teaser jpg.webp

News and rumors surrounding the OnePlus Watch 2 have been heating up significantly, as the watch is nearing its launch. The latest news points to this watch launching on February 26th, which is only five days away. Well, a new leak shines some light on how big of a battery the OnePlus Watch 2 will have.

So far, leaks for the OnePlus Watch 2 have been coming out. OnePlus itself even came out and gave us a teaser of the smartwatch. The teaser shows the silhouette of the smartwatch. It shows off a few notable aspects of the smartwatch design from the flat face to the protrusion that houses the crown and button.

This corroborates other previous leaks that show this smartwatch in its full glory. So, we all pretty much know how this device looks. Now, we just have to wait for information about the software.

The OnePlus 2 will have a very big battery

The standard phone battery size is now crossing the 5,000mAh mark, but it’s very different for smartwatches. Obviously, smartwatch batteries are much smaller. In Smartwatch Land, 500mAh is considered large as opposed to 5,000mAh. However, other smartwatches fall miles short of that mark. For example, the 40mm variant of the Galaxy Watch 6 (Review) has a 300mAh battery while the 44mm variant has a 425mAh battery.

Well, the OnePlus Watch 2, according to the FCC listing, could have a battery much louder than those. According to the listing, this smartwatch could have a massive 590mAh battery. This is nearly twice the capacity of the Pixel Watch 2’s battery, which is 304 mAh.

While this is the case, it’s not leaps and bounds higher than all of the competition. The Galaxy Watch 5 Pro also has a 590mAh battery. This device was praised for its battery life. However, OnePlus is promising some truly magnificent battery life with its next smartwatch, touting a 100-hour battery life. Imagine waking up on Monday with a full battery and not putting it on the charger until early morning that Friday.

There is some worrying news

One thing noted by 9To5Google is the fact that nowhere in the FCC listing does it state that this watch will be running Wear OS. The latest rumors had it that the OnePlus Watch 2 was either going to use Wear OS 3 or Wear OS 4. However, the official FCC listing does not point to that. This doesn’t mean that it will not come with Wear OS, however. It just means that we’re all going to be crossing our fingers for the next five days.