The Smell-O-Vision of video games has arrived with GameScent

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Game studios and the companies that make stuff for games have come up with all sorts of ways to enhance the experience and make the games more immersive, but this new scent release device from GameScent AI is perhaps the strangest one to ever hit the market. Have you ever wanted to smell your games? Well, if you answered yes to that question, then now you can! GameScent AI has announced a product of the same name (called GameScent), a scent release device that uses AI to disperse the smells of your in-game content in real time. It’s essentially an atomizer that poofs out smells as you play.

As funny as this product sounds, it also seems like it could have the potential to enhance gameplay. That is if you desire your games to have a more vivid feel based on smell. If you think about it, this could be the type of device to really put immersion in games over the edge if you have other equipment to pair with it. Something like the Nanoleaf 4D kit to mirror the colors on-screen while you play, and a haptic vest or suit that reacts to in-game moments as the GameScent disperses smells like fresh rain after a storm or gunfire if you’re playing a shooter.

Breathe deep the smell of a blazing hail of bullets in the latest Call of Duty, because why settle for boring old candles or regular scent throws? Fancy the smell of the forest as you travel the lands between with the upcoming Elden Ring DLC? Well, get ready, because GameScent will make it happen.

The GameScent scent release device will have 6 different scents at launch

Before you scoff at this device, imagine the real possibilities for this to add some immersion to the games you play. Sure, it seems a little goofy. It’s extremely niche and we can’t imagine the GameScent will be sweeping the nation and filling game rooms across the globe. But that doesn’t mean it isn’t a cool experience that adds to your games in some way.

There will be six different scents that come with it in the box at launch. But GameScent AI also says there will be DLC scents available in the store that you can purchase. The scents that come with the device include Gunfire, Forest, Storm, Racing Cars, Explosion, and Clean Air. As for DLC scents, there’s Blood, Ocean, Sports Arena, and Fresh Cut Grass “coming soon” according to the company’s website. The box also says there will be scents for Human Exertion (which we imagine is supposed to be sweat), Napalm, and Golf Course.

Scents are said to be easy to swap in and out and they appear to be as they come in tiny cartridges you slot into the atomizer. Scents also trigger 1-2 seconds after a recognized in-game moment according to the company’s marketing. GameScent is compatible with both PC and consoles, you just have to plug in an HDMI cable to the monitor.

The device is available for sale already at both Amazon and Best Buy. The retail price for it is $180, but it’s currently available at a promotional launch price of $150. Don’t just play your games, smell them.

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