The Xiaomi 15 Pro could have the highest screen-to-body ratio of any phone

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It seems a bit weird to cover news about the Xiaomi 15 Pro when the Xiaomi 14 Pro is still relatively new. However, the rumor mill doesn’t stop, and there’s some news about the next generation that might put current phones to shame. According to a new leak, the Xiaomi 15 Pro could have the smallest bezels of any phone.

Obviously, you’ll want to take this news cautiously. This phone is still the better part of a year away, so there’s no telling what could change between now and then. If anything does change, we will keep you updated on it.

The Xiaomi 15 Pro could have extremely tiny bezels

Right now, phone companies have been at war to defeat the bezels. Today, phone bezels are much thinner than they were before the LG G6 revolutionized smartphone displays. Since then, bezels have gotten significantly thinner. With phones like the iPhone 15 and the Galaxy S24 series, bezels are pretty much gone. However, Xiaomi wants to make bezels pretty much unnoticeable.

According to @negativeonehero on X, the Xiaomi 15 Pro could have bezels measuring only .6mm. To put that into perspective, it’s less than half the size of the iPhone 15 Pros 1.5 mm bezels. This could truly make for a bezel-less experience, and it will give the Xiaomi 15 Pro something above the rest of the smartphone market.

Along with that, the leaker showed us some more notable specs of this phone. For starters, Xiaomi 15 Pro could use an ultrasonic fingerprint scanner. This will contrast the optical fingerprint scanner that’s currently in the Xiaomi 14 Pro. Ultrasonic fingerprint scanners are much better than optical fingerprint scanners when it comes to speed and accuracy.

Next, the leak pointed to the camera technology, and it included that this phone could have a periscopic zoom lens. That would greatly increase the camera’s zoom reach.

Satellite communication

What’s probably one of the most significant details in this leak is the satellite communication. Right now, phones are just starting to implement satellite communications. It allows phones to communicate directly with satellites rather than having to communicate with land-based towers. Satellite-based communication aims to make dead zones and signal loss a thing of the past. The leak didn’t dive into details, but it did point to satellite communication as a potential feature.

The Xiaomi 15 Pro could be released sometime in October. If so, then it will be launching sooner in the year than the Xiaomi 14 Pro.