There could be a OnePlus clamshell foldable in the works

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Only a handful of smartphone makers have both notebook-style and clamshell foldable phones like Samsung and Huawei. However, companies like OnePlus and Google only have one type. OnePlus is one of them; however, that may change. According to a new report, there may be a OnePlus clamshell phone in the works, and it could bring a one-of-a-kind camera addition.

The foldable phone market is gaining in popularity, and companies like Samsung basically own it. Samsung has spent years refining its foldable phone design. However, that didn’t stop OnePlus from making a splash in the market on its first try. The OnePlus Open (Review) was one of the best phones in 2023, and it shows the company’s potential to produce a compelling foldable phone.

However, there are people out there who appreciate the portability and convenience of a clamshell foldable. Well, with the foldable phone industry as it is now, there was no doubt that we would see a OnePlus-branded clamshell foldable phone at some point in the future.

OnePlus may be working on a clamshell foldable

With news like this, you’ll want to take the information with a grain of salt. Right now, we are following rumors and echoes. So, we’re going to want to wait for more information to be completely sure.

According to reports, OnePlus may be gearing up to build a clamshell foldable. For a quick recap, a clamshell foldable has the form factor of a typical candy bar phone but folds vertically just like the flip phones of old.

A Weibo post from the account named Smart Pikachu (via Android Authority)  explained that Oppo is planning its next clamshell phone and that OnePlus is following suit. Oppo and OnePlus both share the same parent company named BBK. Both companies merged in 2021, so some OnePlus phones are actually rebranded Oppo phones. This was pretty much the case with the OnePlus Open. Since Oppo is making a clamshell phone, then we can expect a OnePlus-branded clamshell phone that shares much of the same DNA.

This phone could have a telephoto camera

One thing that will differentiate these two phones from the rest of the clamshell phones on the market could be the addition of the telephoto camera. This is something that we’ve yet to see on foldable phones, as these devices need to remain as thin as possible.

Well, if the leak is to be trusted, then OnePlus’ first clamshell phone could have better zoom capabilities compared to the competition. We’re not certain when/if this phone will see the light of day. Last year, the OnePlus Open launched in early October. So, if history is any indication, we should see more information about this phone and potentially get a mid-fall launch.