“There’s nobody that doesn’t have misunderstandings in their home” – Rita Edochie and Chinwe Owoh make an appeal to Nigerians over Junior Pope’s wife (Video)

Theres nobody that doesnt have misunderstandings in their home Rita Edochie and Chinwe Owoh make an appeal to Nigerians over Junior Popes wife Kemi Filani blog min

Nollywood veterans Rita Edochie and Chinwe Owoh have passionately appealed to Nigerians over their late colleague, Junior Pope’s wife.

In a video captured online from his ongoing funeral, they appealed to Nigerians to let his wife be as they noted how misunderstandings happen in every home. They stated that even if there was a misunderstanding between the couple, Nigerians should let his wife be.

Rita Edochie wondered who spread the rumours that they were having issues as she stressed that his wife should be allowed to mourn her husband quietly. Rita also addressed those spreading false rumours online, praying for God to accept his soul as she noted how he was a good man and had no discrimination against others.

She urged the deceased to protect his family from above as she questioned those who claim the actor was murdered.

Chinwe Owoh said, “Junior Pope’s wife, they should leave her alone! There’s nobody who doesn’t have misunderstandings in their home. Even if they had misunderstandings, they should leave that girl alone (Rita – and who even said they were having issues?) Leave her alone to bury her husband quietly for his soul to rest in peace.”

Rita Edochie said: “Junior Pope is gone. Everybody is saying different versions of what they want. I beg God to accept his soul. He’s a good man, one person with no form of discrimination against any human being. Anywhere he is, if spirits can see, he should protect his family. People who are saying he was killed are the killers in charge of their own lives? People should stop talking rubbish. Social media has done more harm than good. Someone that’s full of life lost his life, but instead of them to rest, they’re stressing his wife again. Every mouth in charge of this foul information, God will judge you. Leave someone who is innocent to have peace of mind”.

Recall that his funeral poster had caused controversy as many eagle-eyed fans noticed that on the obituary poster, ‘husband’, was noticeably absent, which left tongues wagging as before his demise, Junior Pope was married to Jennifer Awele, and they have 3 sons.

Speaking out, his family made it known that they didn’t authorise the burial poster and later corrected it to include his wife.

Recall that movie producer Stanley Nwoko, while responding to those querying him over why ‘Husband’ wasn’t included in Junior Pope’s obituary, urged them to ask the late actor’s brother.

He noted how he wanted to speak up, but Nigerians shut him up as he stated that he had a lot of information, but he wouldn’t say anything because nobody believed him when he wanted to speak out.

Before then, actor Dave Ogbeni had hinted that all wasn’t well in the actor’s marriage
before his demise, as he shared his last encounter with JP. He alleged that the actor had cried out to him that he was dying slowly and wanted to share his story with bloggers, but he convinced him not to.

Concurring with him, a Twitter user, identified as Papi Jnr, had made a strong allegation against Junior Pope’s wife, Jennifer Awele, accusing her of sleeping with rich men and frustrating the actor’s life.