This 7-in-1 Anker 525 charging station is only $40

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Right now Amazon is offering a deal on the Anker 525 charging station that is worth consideration if you have a lot of devices to keep powered on. Whether they’re devices that need to stay plugged in or devices that have internal batteries and can be recharged. This charging station can handle it.

The regular price for the Anker 525 charging station is $65.99, but right now Amazon is offering it for $39.99. That saves you $26 and you end up with a way to charge and power multiple devices. This is a 7-in-1 charging station so you have multiple ports for all kinds of tech. On the front, you have two USB-A ports and two USB-C ports. So you can easily charge your phone, smartwatch, earbuds, tablet, and even a laptop like the MacBook or Dell XPS. On the back you will find three AC ports for plugging in even more stuff.

Do you have a charging brick for your phone you want to use instead of just the cable? You can plug it into the back of this charging station. You could also use those ports for desk lamps, speakers, or really anything. Now a big part of having something like this charging station is to cut down on clutter. If you’re like me and plenty of other people, then your desk at home or at the office might just have a little too much clutter from all the different chargers and wires you may have laying about. You can lessen that with the Anker 525. And you should, because it looks a whole lot cleaner. Trust me when I say having a clutter-free desk is a really good feeling.

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