This Air Purifier is perfect for Allergy Season, and now it's only $76

levoit air purifier

This air purifier from LEVOIT is an incredible deal right now. It’s currently on sale for $76.46 at Amazon. That’s a pretty great deal on an air purifier that I just bought a month ago for $89. It’s a great air purifier that does a great job of cleaning up your home and will also take care of those allergies for you.

With Spring finally here, at least for us in the colder States, that means allergies are going to be popping up left and right. As well as a ton of pollen. This air purifier will do an excellent job of purifying the air in your home to make it much easier to breathe.

LEVOIT is becoming a pretty popular small home appliance brand here in the US, providing some really excellent products, like this air purifier. They also have a whole-home humidifier that I absolutely love. This air purifier is pretty small, but it can cover up to 915 square feet of your home and is controlled by an app on your phone. So you can easily turn it on, set a timer, and do much more. It even works with Alexa.

The most important aspect of this air purifier is that it’s quiet. It’s only about 24dB, which is extremely quiet. And if you can sleep with a fan on low, then this is going to be no problem for you.

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