This armored truck hides an ASUS ROG gaming setup inside

ASUS Republic of Gamers has partnered with YouTube content creators Hacksmith Industries to build a ludicrously cool ROG gaming setup on the inside of an armored truck. On the outside, it might look like your standard armored truck. What could it be hauling? Millions of dollars in federal reserve money? Maybe. What about a large shipment of uncut diamonds? It’s quite possible. There’s most certainly a chance it could be transporting priceless art or antiquities. But, none of those things are on the inside.

No, on the inside is a hidden mobile gaming station decked out in ROG gear. Gaming chairs, monitors, laptops, you name it. It’s a mobile gaming station that can weather the elements while you stay cool and calm on the inside enjoying your favorite video games. Of course, we say you but we don’t really mean you. Or anyone who isn’t part of Hacksmith Industries. Because this isn’t a truck you can buy. It was a project that Hacksmith came up with and decided to see it through. That doesn’t make it any less cool though.

The ASUS ROG armored truck is a mobile command station for Hacksmith Industries

Officially it appears to be called the ASUS ROG x Hacksmith Mobile Command Center. A 15,000 lb. behemoth that Hacksmith can take to events. The truck has apparently been a dream of Hacksmith’s for years, and when ASUS found out about the project, it decided to partner up with Hacksmith for the project.

For its part, ASUS supplied all of the gaming gear, complete with RGB lighting so the inside not only stays lit up but looks cool and keeps with the theme. Hacksmith then took all that gear and fitted it to the inside of the back of the truck. Now the group is ready to game anywhere in style.

You can see the project in Hacksmith’s video that went live this afternoon around 1pm PST. And if you enjoy seeing unique gaming setups, it’s worth the watch.

ASUS ROG Armored Truck (1)ASUS ROG Armored Truck (1)

The gaming setup that’s safe from gunfire

When you think about your dream gaming setup, I might not include being able to withstand being shot at. Well, that’s what you would get with this mobile command center. The truck has 5,000 lbs. of armor and includes armored tires and a fully fortified cabin that can withstand rifle fire and explosives. So should you find yourself in the middle of a firefight while gaming on the go, you should be safe. Or rather you might be if you were on the inside. Interestingly, a lot less of the gear on the inside is secured for in-transport gameplay than you might expect.

Basically, you probably couldn’t properly play games while the truck was moving as it appeared to be quite the bumpy ride. That being said, it’s entirely suitable as a mobile gaming station that could be used for games while stationary at events. Which was its intended purpose from the beginning.