This Sabrent USB-C Cable is less than $10 Today

sabrent usb c cables

Amazon is currently discounting a pretty popular USB-C cable from Sabrent, where you can pick up the 1-meter/3.3-foot long cable for just $9.93.

Currently, it’s listed for $11.69 on Amazon, but if you use the promo code 154WU43B at checkout, you can drop that price down to $9.93. That’s not a bad price for a braided USB-C cable, but it will also show you how fast it is charging.

That’s right, this USB-C cable has a display on one end, which will show you the charging speed it is currently charging at. It’s pretty useful to have, as you can see when the power starts flowing and also if the cable is charging as fast as it should be.

Of course, with this being a braided cable, it is going to be more durable than a lot of other cables on the market. Meaning it can handle pets and kids chewing and bending the cable, without it getting destroyed and needing to be replaced.

This Sabrent USB-C cable is capable of holding up to 100W charging speeds, which is fast enough for most products. Seeing as there are very few that charge at over 100W right now. It also works well for transferring data, with speeds up to 480Mbps.

You can pick up the Sabrent USB-C cable today at the link below.

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