Threads for Web getting TweetDeck-like feed

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Threads social media platform seems to be getting a TweetDeck-like feed. The web version of the social media platform could allow a stackable and customizable feed of real-time posts similar to X (formerly Twitter) TweetDeck.

Threads offering freedom from forced AI-organized timeline?

Threads is a relatively new social media platform. However, its close integration with Instagram has allowed it to flourish in record time.

Although Threads users have amassed thousands or even millions of followers, there has been a huge gap in personalization and customization. Several Threads users have routinely complained that the micro-blogging platform lacks intuitive feed optimization.

Simply put, Threads does not allow users to tweak what they see. Users have to accept whatever the AI feeds them.

The Threads app for iOS and Android does have some degree of customization. However, if users rely on the web version, the social media platform forces them into the algorithm-powered “For You feed every time.

To force the web version of Threads to show a customized feed, users have to either bookmark a unique URL or switch every time they load Threads on the web. However, this custom URL merely offers a real-time Following feed. It seems Meta has intentionally hidden the “Following” feed. Users have to tap on the main Threads logo to access the same. This could change soon as Meta is experimenting with a new feature that looks very similar to TweetDeck.

How to access the new TweetDeck-like feature to customize the Threads feed?

TweetDeck was, and still is, a very popular alternative to the standard X (formerly Twitter) feed. It went way beyond what Twitter offered. Twitter acquired TweetDeck back in 2011. And X users now have to pay for an X Premium account (X Pro costs $8 a month) to access TweetDeck.

Meta will soon grant access to the TweetDeck-like experience for Threads. The company hasn’t indicated who it will allow to be a part of the testing. The entire Threads social media platform is currently free to use. Hence, the company might not charge for using the new feature method of feed customization.

Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced “Pinned Columns” for Threads today. He hasn’t offered any name for the feature. However, the fact that Mark is calling it Pinned Columns, suggests the feature might not be as comprehensive as TweetDeck.

Back in its heyday, TweetDeck offered multiple account support and customizable feeds. This made the tool very popular among Twitter power users. Meta might gradually add similar functionality to the new Pinned Column feature.