Threads to get a new messaging feature soon

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Meta is reportedly testing a new messaging feature for Threads, soon after the platform surpassed 130 million users. That means earlier who complained about missing messaging capabilities in the Threads app would certainly benefit from this big update.

Meta is testing the ability to send messages from within the app

Many Threads users around the world are starting to see the feature. Users have started seeing a “message” button in other Threads user profiles where they could see the “mention” button earlier.

A Meta spokesperson confirmed the news about Threads’ new messaging feature to Engadget. According to the Meta spokesperson, the company is indeed testing the ability to send messages from Threads to Instagram. Notably, with Threads not having its own inbox, the change will cater to those looking for messaging capabilities within the platform.

Even though it is not a full-blown DM, it will be useful to send messages from within the Threads app. But that doesn’t mean you won’t have to use Instagram. You will still have to use Instagram to check or reply to the messages you send from the Threads app.

The new feature doesn’t necessarily mean there’ll be a separate inbox on Threads

Although Threads is getting a new messaging feature, that doesn’t mean there’ll be a separate inbox in the Threads app in the future. Adam Mosseri, head of Instagram, has repeatedly mentioned that there’s no plan to create a separate inbox for the app. But rather it will make use of Instagram inbox and integrate the same in the Threads app. Not to forget, the spokesperson also said that the current testing of the new messaging feature is not the test of DMs on Threads.

Despite the process being a hassle for users, Mosseri previously hinted that working on two different versions of an inbox can be quite complicated. He also stated that the company has to pick between two hard choices if by any chance the company couldn’t make Instagram DMs work for Threads.

First, the company might mirror the Instagram inbox in the Threads app with the help of notification routing. Secondly, the company will have to create a separate inbox for Threads. The second option is quite a hassle since it leaves users with two redundant message threads given that their friends will have the same handle for Instagram and Threads.

All in all, the introduction of a new messaging feature for Threads is Meta’s other attempt to improve its platform. In February the company added a feature that lets users bookmark posts on Threads. Moreover, the company tested cross-posting between Threads and Facebook in the same month.