TikTok could soon allow you to upload hour-long videos

TikTok is mainly famous for short-form content, but it’s constantly increasing the duration limit. TikTok is actually testing hour-long video uploads, according to TechCrunch.

The hour-long video uploads make TikTok a direct competitor to YouTube

The race to become the most popular video streaming platform is heating up, with companies constantly testing new features to engage and retain users. Recently, YouTube introduced the AI-powered Jump Ahead feature to enhance the user experience. Now, TikTok is planning to extend the maximum video upload length to one hour, which will pose a direct challenge to YouTube. The change was first spotted by Social media consultant Matt Navarrathe, and he reported it on his Threads account.

Threads post about TikTok new video upload limit.Threads post about TikTok new video upload limit.

This wouldn’t be TikTok’s first experiment with video length limits. In its early days, TikTok only allowed you to upload 15-second-long videos. However, the company has steadily increased the limit over time. In January this year, they raised the limit to 30 minutes for creators, but it’s currently back down to 10 minutes. However, creators with subscription models can still upload videos up to 20 minutes long.

The ability to upload hour-long videos on TikTok would open doors for creators to explore new content formats. For example, currently, if you want to upload an hour-long tutorial on TikTok, you’d have to cut it into six parts and upload them separately. But with the new video length limit, you could upload the entire tutorial in one go.

This isn’t the only feature TikTok is testing

This increased video upload limit isn’t the only new feature you might see on TikTok in the coming days. The company has been busy testing several new features and changes recently.

For instance, they’re currently experimenting with AI-powered search results that will display AI-generated responses to your queries. With all these new changes, TikTok’s future could look considerably different.