“Tonto Dikeh did not and can never detain me- Verydarkman clears the air with evidence

verydarkman tonto

Verydarkman, a social media commenter, has published another video accusing Bobrisky of sleeping with prominent Nigerian leaders.

Verydarkman also expressed his displeasure with Bobrisky’s advertisements, which had him kissing and romancing another man on Instagram, dressed like a lady, and so on.

Finally, he stated that Tonto Dikeh was not responsible for his detention and that he could never be detained. He also stated that he knows he will be arrested again.

See the video below.

see remarks online:

.Many of you that were celebrating the arrest of this man, I wonder the kind of human beings you all are, someone is saying the truth to prevent this generation and the next generation from emulating satanism you all started hating him, MY QUESTION IS; would you allow your some to automatically change his gender to start acting like a woman? Let’s us all stop this hypocritical behaviour and address this fact regardless of whom ever is involved. THE SAME HYPOCRISY IS WHAT THAT LED US ALL TO WHERE WE ARE TODAY IN NIGERIA, every other country is moving forward Nigeria is moving backwards… but we are good to emulate the bad things of the western world not the good things!

He’s actually saying the truth! This is not about VDM, it’s all about our future kids, we shouldn’t run away from the truth.
But, Una really think say VDM would not say anything again coz he got arrested and was detained?
Una never see anything

This one no get talk abeg,leave Bob alone now,is it too difficult for him to do,alright na skit Bob and the man Dey do inside toilet.