Top 6 EV tech trends to watch out for in 2024

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With the revolutionizing technology industry, EVs came up with an affordable and eco-friendly solution over traditional vehicles. This not only helped in putting a halt to the increasing air pollution but also brought in many smart features. Thus, consumers got the dual benefits of a terrific driving experience while making an effort towards protecting the environment. Thus, in this comprehensive guide, we will discuss all the latest EV tech trends that are ruling 2024 and making further impact on environmental prevention. So, read on more to tap into in-depth details!

Top Tech Trends To Check Out In EV Space

Have a look at all the top EV tech trends that are innovating the industry and leading the industry.

Evolution Of Existing Gas Stations

Companies that have established gas stations around the globe will embrace the power of EVs and transform their existing stations to offer EV charging. Several established giants are partnering with partners in the EV world to boost the deployment of EV charging stations around the globe. Besides this, they are partnering with retail shops and convenience stores to further allow customers to buy goods and products while they charge their vehicles.

Vehicle Health Check With AI

With the advancement of AI, all industries are transforming and the EV industry is also Harnessing its power to offer better features. The AI is revamping vehicle safety and performance by getting data from the smart sensors and analyzing the issues in advance. Owners and drivers will be able to use this system to get information about the issues with the EV battery’s health, performance, and other aspects. With this information, they will be able to take proactive measures to avoid any unnecessary repairs at the last minute.

Rise Of Smart Grids

There will be a rise of smart grids in the coming year which will include smart EVs, infrastructure, and grid communication to balance the overall load and meet the rising demands of EV charging. Owners will be able to charge their vehicles at the lowest cost possible and even give back the extra energy to the grid in case of emergency. The grid management will be able to meet the energy requirements and balance the load properly which will cause fewer power outages.

Better Regenerative Braking For Higher Energy Efficiency

Regenerative braking is a cutting-edge trend in electric vehicles (EVs), contributing to enhanced energy efficiency and range optimization. This innovative technology recaptures kinetic energy during braking, converting it into electrical energy to recharge the vehicle’s battery. By harnessing energy that would otherwise be lost as heat during braking, regenerative braking systems improve overall energy efficiency, extending the driving range of EVs.

This trend aligns with the industry’s focus on maximizing efficiency and sustainability, offering a practical solution to enhance the performance and eco-friendliness of electric vehicles in urban environments and beyond.

Switch To Solid-State Batteries

With the rising popularity of EVs around the globe, battery manufacturers will shift towards solid-state batteries that use solid electrolytes instead of gel or liquid. The usage of solid electrolytes offers higher durability, efficiency, and energy density for the EV battery pack. These batteries will reduce the range anxiety as owners will be able to drive their EVs for a longer time.

Better Connectivity Features

Improved connectivity features will be enhancing the driving experience and functionality of electric vehicles in the coming years. These features integrate advanced connectivity technologies, such as 5G connectivity, cloud-based services, and over-the-air software updates. Drivers can access real-time data on charging stations, traffic conditions, and navigation routes through intuitive infotainment systems.

Additionally, remote monitoring and control capabilities enable users to manage vehicle functions from their smartphones. This trend reflects the growing demand for smart, connected EVs that offer convenience, safety, and efficiency on the road.

The Bottom Line

EVs hold the key to solving environmental pollution issues and it will surely reflect its magic in numbers with the above-mentioned trends. From the advancement in EV battery and energy efficiency to improved connectivity features, EV technology is progressing rapidly and bringing a revolution in EV adoption. It’s time to switch to this revolutionizing technology and reduce your carbon footprint smartly.