Top Ten World Highest-Paid Athletes In 2024

Ronaldo 1

American business magazine, Forbes, claimed that Cristiano Ronaldo and other 9 athletes have earned a whooping $1.38 billion in the last year. The magazine claimed that this is the highest amount of money ten athletes have made in a year.

Ronaldo who is currently 39-year-old made a total of 260 million dollars from salary, bonuses, and off-field sponsorship deals within 12 months.

This is 42 million dollars more than what the second-ranked Jon Rahm made in the same period. While Ronaldo made his money in the world of football, Rahm made his wealth from the world of golf, especially after joining Saudi-backed LIV Golf.

According to Forbes, the Spanish golfer made $218 million in the last year, almost twice the amount Cristiano Ronaldo’s arch-rival, Lionel Messi made in the same period. The 36-year-old Inter Miami and Argentina forward reportedly made $135 million in the last 12 months.

Below are the highest-paid athletes in the world in 2024

1 Cristiano Ronaldo, footballer – $260 million.

2 Jon Rahm, golf – $218 million.

3 Lionel Messi, footballer $135 million.

4 LeBron James, basketballer – $128.2 million.

5 Giannis Antetokounmpo, basketballer $111 million.

6 Kylian Mbappe, footballer – $110 million.

7 Neymar, footballer – $108 million.

8 Karim Benzema, footballer – $106 million.

9 Stephen Curry, basketballer – $102 million.

10 Lamar Jackson, American football player – $100.5 million.

Note that this is the first time two athletes (Cristiano Ronaldo and Jon Rahm) made over $200 million within a year.