U.K-based news association warns Apple about the dangers of Web Eraser

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Right now, it seems that journalism is facing extinction due to the actions of large companies. While Google’s AI overviews prepare to run a knife through journalism, Apple is also planning a change that could negatively impact journalists. The News Media Association warns Apple about the potential effects of its Web Eraser tool.

The tool in question is planned to be launched with iOS 18. Basically, this is a privacy tool that will remove content such as ads from websites. Since it’s native to iOS 18, it will only be available in the Safari browser. The company says that it will also remove unwanted content, though we have no idea what other content it’s talking about.

The News Media Association raised concerns about Apple’s web eraser tool

Sure, being able to see websites without ads is more convenient for users. However, it will have a detrimental impact on journalism. The sites you read your news on depend on ad revenue. Google is already playing the villain to journalism with its AI Overviews and its war on California. So, the journalism industry is already at risk.

Now, Apple’s web eraser tool could possibly make things even worse. The News Media Association, a UK-based association that represents over 900 Publications, wrote a letter to Apple expressing concerns over the tool. “…advertising is a key revenue stream for many publishers.”, read the letter. As of yet, Apple has not commented.

While Web Eraser can be a useful tool when it comes to privacy it also discourages companies from stealing your data to target ads. However, sometimes, solutions to problems lead to more problems. We’re going to have to wait to see how this whole thing plays out.

Where is journalism heading?

At this point, the future of journalism seems to be at risk. Years before, before the huge AI explosion and the downturn in the economy, the news industry was in a much better spot. However, writers around the world are feeling the impact of certain circumstances.

Google’s AI overviews allow people to forego clicking on links to new sites, generative AI can allow large companies to lay off writers and use AI to pump out content, and Apple’s tool can also stifle ad revenue. Who knows how much longer journalism will be able to sustain?