UEFA Initiates Disciplinary Action Against Serbia



The Union of European Football Associations (UEFA) announced on Monday that it had initiated disciplinary actions against the Football Association of Serbia (FSS) following reports of misconduct by its supporters following Serbia’s Euro 2024 game against England.

It said the disciplinary actions against the FSS follow the throwing of objects and the dissemination of offensive messages not suitable for a sporting event.

Naijaonpoint reports that a press release by the football governing body also stated that its Control, Ethics, and Disciplinary Committee (CEDB) would make a decision on this issue at a later time.

The statement further noted Kosovo and Serbia lodged grievances with UEFA regarding the same match.

Kosovo accused Serbia of a Kosovo journalist making an Albanian nationalist flag, while the Kosovo Football Federation (FFK) criticized Serbia’s supporters for spreading “racist messages”.

The FFK asserted that Serbia fans displayed “flags, slogans and chants… with political, chauvinistic and racist messages against Kosovo.”

“The unhindered display of such messages… at a big event like Euro 2024 is senseless and absurd,” it said and called for strict disciplinary measures against its Serbian peer, labelling it a “repeat offender.”

Kosovo and Serbia have both confirmed that the events took place both before and alongside the Euro 2024 game between Serbia and England, which ended with England claiming a 1-0 victory.

The relationship between the two Balkan neighbours is fraught with tension, and this often leads to friction in the realm of sports.

A decade following the conflict between Kosovo’s pursuit of independence, led by the ethnic Albanian rebels, and Serbia’s military actions, resulted in the deaths of approximately 13,000 people, predominantly from Kosovo.

It is worth noting that Kosovo proclaimed its independence from Belgrade in 2008.

Belgrade, however, has maintained its position that they do not recognize Kosovo’s declaration of independence, with it being endorsed by approximately 100 countries.

Despite Serbian efforts to block its entry, Kosovo achieved full membership in both UEFA and FIFA in 2016.

Unfortunately, Kosovo was unsuccessful in securing a spot in the Euro 2024 tournament.